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Visit The Secret Garden

Have I gone a bit bonkers??


Have I gone a bit bonkers leaving the beautiful Retreat and starting again with a new spa at the bottom of my garden? No, definitely not!

The Retreat was a beautiful space, lovingly created and deservedly popular but one day I was at work by myself and I noticed my only focus for those few hours was my clients. I had no other ‘business distractions’ and I absolutely loved it and so did those clients. It got me thinking, “Why can’t I do this all the time? Why can’t I provide individual unique treatments, with no distractions, with no one else around just myself and my client?”

And I realised actually that’s exactly what I should, and could, do. Not at The Retreat, which was too big and too costly to run this way. I needed a new space.

The Secret Garden is a true reflection of me I think , the decor is quirky and fun and the treatments are ethical, natural and relaxing – there not a hint of clinical white space, not a single note of whale music and no artfully positioned Buddhas or bamboo plants.

Our treatments acknowledge that you are a unique individual by not following a fixed process or formula. Instead, each treatment is preceded by an in-depth consultation and only then is it created specifically to fulfil your needs at that time.

By now I hope you understand that visiting The Secret Garden will be unique and special because it’s a living, breathing part of me. Everything that happens in The Secret Garden is important to me for the simple reason that …


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