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What’s on offer in The Garden


Your freshly picked Garden Facials. 

Give your skin all the “encourage mint” it needs to look glowing and beautiful.

Why should you put your trust in me when it comes to your facials………

“Because I understand your skin,  I know skin inside out and backwards.”

Yes, that a powerful statement, you’ve probably come across other websites promising amazing facials. Any website worth its salt will make them sound great, but I’m not just about strong statements but results.

And Because we do a full In-Depth Consultation specifically designed to reveal the underlying cause of any skin problems, you’re guaranteed a bespoke ‘results based’ treatment program that gives you better looking, healthier skin.

 I know that trying to choose the right facial can be a minefield! ( agh what is my skin type, do I need anti-aging, brightening  etc  )  But we’ve made it easy for you.  The only decision you’ll have to make is to decide your treatment time and how much pampering you want! and we’ll do the rest.

Specialist Garden Facial (1.5hrs)

Choose this facial if you’re serious about getting your skin into shape as these facials deliver,  we’re using advanced techniques and products that give powerful results.  Or if you feel that you deserve a bit more love, care and attention and you need to get down to the serious business of relaxation (let’s face it, who doesn’t) this facial is your perfect choice.

Garden Facial (1hr)

A truly relaxing experience, that keeps your skin in tip-top condition. We will tailor the best treatment for you and show you the secret to healthy, youthful, radiant skin it doesn’t matter what your concerns are, we will have the solution for you.

Bonsai Facial (25mins)

You’ll feel relaxed and radiant in half an hour, a great introduction to facials, they’re all about feeling good.

“I’m not getting old, I just need to be repotted” 

Caci Ultimate Facials are great for people of any age (although obviously not too young) Many celebrities are huge fans and always choose CACI before a red carpet event, to ensure that they look gorgeous! So be a part of the red carpet brigade with one of the best facial that you can have.

A Caci facial is like going to the gym for your face, only you get to lie down and relax whilst we do the hard work, it keeps your skin looking firm, toned and lifted, it tackles sagging muscles and drooping jowls. It’s a  non-invasive facial that targets lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and rejuvenates the skin, enhancing your complexion.  Which means that you will have absolutely amazing skin.

If you want a facial that is serious about tacking skin aging, this is it.

Caci Ultimate Facial

The all singing and dancing facial!

It’s a non-invasive facial that targets lines, wrinkles and blemishes, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin all the while enhancing your complexion, lifting and toning muscles to refine your facial contours.

Caci Eye Treatment

Reduce puffiness, dark circles and smoothes skin, leaving you refreshed and ready for the day.

Caci Healing Treatment

Really good for treating acne, blemishes and pigmentation but it also soothes and calms your skin.

Caci booster Treatment

A beauty quick fix, to hydrate and plump the skin, so it’s brilliant before a night out or a special occasion.

Massage is the “Great 8th Wonder of the World” capable of unlocking your ultimate feel-good potential and inducing deliciously high levels of bliss.

Swedish massage

“When you are all knotted up like a cheap garden hose” A traditional massage that uses firm even pressure.

Muscle Melt Down Massage

Gets to the “root of the problem” We use warmed stones that melt away tension, stress and tight muscles, it’s the ultimate in relaxation. Perfect for working out stubborn knots!

Aromatherapy Massage

When you need to “leaf your troubles behind” Gentle massage movements, the feeling of utter bliss, it’s a wonderful treatment for you, it treats you from your head “To Ma Toes”

Express Massage

When ‘thyme is short’ A quick pick me up, or if you are looking to target a specific area.
30mins Swedish Massage
30mins Stones massage

Body treatments allow you to “ leaf your troubles behind” they’re the perfect choice when you want your heart to be still, to be quiet and listen to the music in the garden.

Massage and facial have a specific purpose, but when you want to go beyond that, when you want to melt away tension, find your inner calm, feel your best and look your best then, you need to go for a body treatment.

Again your treatment choice is simple, the only decision you have to make is whether to indulge for 45mins or an hour and a half! We can do this because of our consultation.

Specialised Garden Treatment (90 mins)

When you’re feeling ‘Beet” and really need to relax, get away from all the madness in your life and escape, these treatments are just the ticket! They are a brilliant choice as we create individual treatments for you, that can incorporate body massage, scalp massage, facial, body wraps the list is endless….. you tell us what you need and we deliver.

Garden Treatment (45 mins)

Perfect for when you want some ‘peas and quiet’ and ‘thyme’ to yourself. Our garden treatments are a condensed version of our specialised treatments and concentrate mainly on the back area. Again a great choice if you feel that your back has ‘gone to pot’, that it been neglected and maybe you have found that it is dry, itchy and congested or ‘twigga mortis’ has set in and your back, neck, shoulders are tight.

“Lettuce rest and enjoy the peas and quiet”
Holistic treatments are a great way to reset our Mind, Body and Soul, they’re powerful, healing treatments that make you feel great! But our clients often tell us that’s its hard for them to make up their minds on what to have. So we’ve made it simple: choose one of the below

Holistic Thyme (45 mins)

Working together we will decide on the best treatment for you, whether it will be a gentle Reflexology session on your feet, or a tension-busting Indian Head Massage or maybe you will benefit from a relaxing ear candling session which is great for sinus problems.

Thyme Experience (90 mins)

Lets not ‘beet around the bush’. By interweaving some of our holistic treatments together ( Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy massage and Ear candling) we’ll create an amazing healing experience for you, you’ll enjoy powerful results that will enable you to discover your inner calm, better well being and create the ultimate ‘peas and tranquility’.

All the little things that will ensure that you will look like a ‘Garden Goddess’

Eye Lash Tint

A great way to darken your lashes that can last up to six weeks. Saves you the hassle of wearing mascara. A brilliant treatment to have just before your holiday or if you always smudge your mascara and end up looking like a panda!

Brow Tint

Defines and darkens your eyebrows.

Eyelash & Brow Tint

Defines and darkens your eyebrows.

Perfect Brows

Let us pamper your brows to perfection, our eyebrows are so important for framing our face. This treatment spends time sculpting, tinting and shaping your brows to ensure that they’re perfect!

Lash Lift

How do you get great looking lashes without the hassle?
The answer is with … “A lash Lift”
You can enjoy a beautiful curve, that lifts your natural lashes and makes them look longer and really opens your eyes. Best of all the effect can last up to six weeks. (patch test is needed)

Rub, Scrub and Buff

Is your skin feeling a bit ‘deciduous’? Have you got dry, flaky skin, is it looking a bit dull or are you about to bare all for the beach and you want beautiful, soft glowing skin, well this is what “Yew” need.

Spray Tan

Do you love being tanned? The confidence, the great feeling it gives you when you have got a gorgeous skin kissed glow, I bet you feel a million dollars. But we know that a natural tan is so bad for us, not only does it gives us wrinkles but it also increases our risk of skin cancer, so what is the answer? A spray tan of course! It will give you a lovely golden glow, which will last for about 5-10 days and its quick, easy and streak free.

Make Up

Caring for your skin is extremely important to us, and what we use on your skin has to be top notch. That is why we use the Jane Iredale range of makeup, not only does it contains no dyes, no preservatives, no talc or oils which will sensitise your skin, it’s a Makeup that is actually good for your skin, as it protects, hydrates and nourishes.

Day/Evening Make Up

This is an amazing treat for you when you have a special occasion to go to and you want to go that extra mile to look utterly fabulous

Make Up Lesson

Have you found that over time you have got into a rut with your make up, I know a lot of clients say to me that they’re still using the same colours and techniques that they learnt when they were teenagers! Is that you? if so we’ve the solution.
A one to one masterclass to learn about the latest make up trends and how to apply your make up correctly and advice on what to use.

Waxing: There’s no need to fear getting rid of your ‘undergrowth’ Wave bye-bye to the razor and ditch the depilatory cream to enjoy skin that’s ‘weed’ free, silky soft and satin smooth.

Just remember that your fuzz needs to be long enough, no stubble please, a good guide is that hair needs to be as long as a grain of rice ( wild, brown, basmati rice, we don’t mind, you choose your rice !)

Now don’t beat around the ‘bush’ and allow fear from stopping you tackling the ‘undergrowth’ Our expert techniques are speedy, professional and nearly painless ! so that you achieve the “Ooh” of smooth skin without the “Ouch”

“Play in the dirt because life is too short to always have clean fingernails”

Garden Mani

Beautify those overworked hands with our manicure. Hands will be exfoliated, massaged, cuticles tided, placed in warm mitts and then your nails will be painted.

Specialised Garden Mani

Are you looking to spoil yourself, well this’s the ultimate manicure to provide the ultimate hand care, This treatment will leave you with hands that look like they belong in a Fairy Liquid Commercial! (no polish is applied)

Garden Pedi

You can’t go wrong with this ultimate pedicure, feet will be soaked, scrubbed, massaged, snuggled in warm booties and the cuticles tidied and nails painted. It’ll leave you floating on Cloud Nine. (To prevent smudging, it’s best to bring open toe shoes)

Specialised Garden Pedi

Do you feel that your feet need a bit of TLC, that they need a reward for all the hard work that they do, or have they been a little bit neglected?

If the answer is yes, this is the treatment for you, It’s like a facial for your feet. It Includes a lovely foot massage that’ll lull you into a deep state of relaxation, and finishes with your feet being wrapped in paraffin wax, it’s utter heaven (no polish is applied)

Polish Change

For hands or feet. Have your nails looking polished and perfect.

Gel Polish

Do you chip or smudge your nails easily?

Our selection of long-lasting gels are vitamin enriched to nourish nails and can be chip-free for up to two weeks, The gel polish will give your digits a flawless finish, with zero dry time.

Removal of Gel Polish

It’s so important to remove your gel polish properly, otherwise you’ll damage your nails and for months they’ll be flakey and dry, which doesn’t look pretty, does it?

You are carrying a very important person, so you both need extra special care, our bump friendly treatments are designed for pregnant & nursing mums.

But sorry mums you have to wait until after your first trimester to have these treatments.

Blooming Marvellous

This is the perfect treatment for you when you’re feeling uncomfortable, can no longer see your toes, your skin doesn’t know what it’s doing and you can’t remember when you got to sleep all through the night!

Propagate and Pot on

Yes, Mummy can have a massage too, especially as you’ve probably found that carrying the baby around has caused you a few tight muscles. This treatment has been adapted so it’s bump friendly.

Full Bloom Ritual

A special treatment for you, if you’re suffering with swollen, puffy legs, your shoulders and neck hurt from carrying your beautiful bump and you’ve found that your skin doesn’t know what it is doing, one minute sensitive, next oily and then it goes dry!

A little pick me up when you are feeling “dirt tired”

Imagine this:  Fluffy robes, peace and quiet, softly lit rooms, gentle music, relaxing treatments that run seamlessly together, me time… Sounds amazing doesn’t it, Well, this’s what you get to enjoy when you experience one of our spa packages,  they’re all designed to make you feel absolutely brilliant.

Our spa packages make the perfect gift, especially if it’s for yourself!

Peas & Quiet

When you really need to unwind, get rid of all that stress and just relax.

A specialised Garden Treatment and a Garden Facial.

Thyme For Yew

Like to think of this treatment as all of the best bits that will help you relax, a top to toe treatments.

A garden Treatment & Facial and a Specialised Garden Mani.

Chillin Thyme

When you’ve an important occasion, you want to feel and look your best. Maybe you’ve a few little worries concerning the day and you need to chill, then this’s a perfect treat for you.

Garden of Weeden

When you’re feeling a bit sluggish, bloated, and in need of a bit of TLC.

Aromatherapy Massage and a Garden Treatment

Runner Bean

To get you prepared for your hols, it covers all the basics to get you ready to hit the beach.

Eyelash & Brow Tint, Brow Shape, 1/2 leg, Underarm and Bikini Wax, Garden Pedi.

We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing nicer than a get together with friends or family … whatever the occasion, birthday, hen party or just “because we feel like it ” no excuse is needed.

We understand this because for years we’ve been arranging Spa Parties, for groups who want to come along and relax with friends while everyone enjoys beautiful treatments.

This means if you have a special occasion coming up, or you’re simply looking for a venue where you can chill out and relax with your friends, please give us a call and we’ll organise an unforgettable Spa Party just for you.

Let’s face it, the reason why our secret garden vouchers are so popular, is because they make the perfect gift.  You choose the value of the voucher or the specific treatment that you would like to give and we’ll provide they experience they’ll be thanking you for, for a long long time! Remember our vouchers are valid for six months so theres plenty of time for the person you give one to, to use them, before they ‘wilt and die’.

And if life’s so hectic that you can’t get into the salon to buy one then don’t worry we’ll happily post it to you.

All vouchers are non-refundable and need to be presented at the time of treatments or when purchasing products.

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